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Slim Pet Program - Fraser Valley Animal Hospital - Abbotsford, BC

Well here goes year TWO!!!!  January 2019 we started our new Slim Pet Program to help pets carrying a few (or perhaps a few more extra) extra pounds lose weight. 


Meet Cara our weight loss specialist.

In 2019 Cara helped our pets shed 87 lbs., including my own Maggie. Cara spent the end of 2018 in training learning all about weight loss in dogs and cats, and together with Dr. Horvat they created a program to help get our pets back into shape. 

It seems that it should be straightforward: cut calories to lose 0.5 to 1% of body weight each week. 

Simple right? 

Except our pets are complex and we hit plateaus and bumps in the road. That is where Cara comes in. She spends time with each client monitoring their weight loss and body score, making adjustments to their diet as needed. This is to ensure the weigh loss is done in a slow and healthy manner.

FVAH is here to help owners and pets get through the bumps and help them succeed. Make a complimentary appointment with her today. Call and ask for Cara.

Since 1 out of 2 pets are over weight there is a good possibility your pet may be carrying a little more weight than he or she should. An overweight pet is one who has 10 to 20% more body weight than is ideal; So that is 0.5 kg to 1 kg (1 to 2 lbs.) in a cat or 5kg (10lbs) in a large dog. 

So what is the problem with a few extra pounds? 


Yes anyone interested in health and fitness can’t go a week without hearing about the detrimental effects of inflammation leads to illness such as cancer.  Increase risk of cancer should be motivation as it is significantly easier to try and prevent than it is to treat.  But if you are still not convinced that it is worth the effort to help your pet lose weight look at the results of a number of veterinary studies…


  • Dogs fed 25% fewer calories lived 2 years longer.

  • Overweight large breed dogs had a 4% chance of seeing their 13th birthday whereas lean dogs had a 50% chance of seeing their 13th

  • Overweight dogs needed treatment for arthritis at age 6 vs. age 12 for lean dogs. That is a whole lot of financial savings not having to pay for a NSAID (pain medication for 6 years).

  • Though not as many studies have been done in cats, we know that a cat with a Body Condition Score (BCS) of 6 or greater have a significant risk of living with a chronic disease (such as diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, cancer)

2020 is just around the corner and perhaps now is the time to make a new years resolution to make your pet fit again.

If your pet needs to lose 1lb or 10 lbs. and you want some help, contact Cara at the Fraser Valley Animal Hospital 604-854-2313 and we will enroll your dog or cat and together we can keep them healthy.