Fraser Valley Animal Hospital

2633 Ware Street
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Pet Physiotherapy

Arthritis? Surgery? Lame? Sore Back? Sport injury? These pets can all benefit from physiotherapy. Therapy for our pets has come a long way and we have learned the benefits of proper recovery from injury.  Did you know that 80% of cats over the age of 8 have some form of arthritis but show minimal clinical signs?  Your dog slowing down?  Not running through the Abbotsford dog parks the way he/she used to?  Many people contribute this just to age but arthritis is a common culprit.  Now with physiotherapy we have so many new options to keep our patients be more comfortable with chronic pain due to arthritis. We can do laser, heated ultrasound and muscle stimulation. We also can teach you what exercises, such as figure eights or pole walking, you need to do with your pet at home for a smooth recovery.