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Endoscopic Trans-cervical Insemination TCI -  Fraser Valley Animal Hospital - Abbotsford B.C.

Trans-cervical insemination is an alternative to surgical insemination that increases the success rate of breeding, when compared to traditional artificial insemination, as the doctor performing the procedure can visually confirm the precise placement of semen in the uterus

Why Choose Endoscopic Transcervical Insemination ?

  • Allows for catheterization of the cervix and deposition of semen directly into the uterus
  • Intrauterine semen deposition increases the success rate of breeding both by increasing the number of pregnancies but also litter size
  • Allows for the use of frozen thawed semen, fresh chilled semen, and fresh semen even from stud dogs with reduced fertility
  • Non-surgical, non anesthetic approach that can also be used to evaluate the vagina for abnormal growths, foreign bodies, trauma and vaginitis
  • Both Veterinarians and clients can observe and confirm the intrauterine deposition of semen
  • An opportunity to breed multiple times during one estrus cycle
  • With improved conception rates this modality will extend a stud dogs life in the face of declining semen quality
  • Your dog has a shorter stay in the hospital, less stress, lower cost than surgical AI, and without the ethical implications that come with surgical insemination