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Bringing your pet to see our Abbotsford veterinarian?

Did you know you the easiest way to add two years to your pet’s life is to keep their teeth clean and their mouth healthy?

Why take your pet to the dentist/veterinarian? Pets, like us, suffer from periodontal disease, which, if untreated, will cause loss of teeth. We also now know that chronic dental disease can cause damage to kidneys, liver, and heart valves. Dental disease rarely makes the patient “sick” but it can shorten their life span.

Diet, brushing their teeth at home, and regular dental care will all help your pet to have a healthy mouth and thus a healthy body! At the Fraser Valley Animal Hospital we can help you pick a great diet and teach you how to brush your pet’s teeth. We also do complete dental cleanings as required. As it can be difficult to have a good look in your pet’s mouth and you may be unaware of the condition of your pet’s teeth. We have FREE tech exams to see if your pet needs a dental cleaning and can give you an estimate on a complete dental cleaning and treatment. And while you are in we can show you how to care for your pet’s mouth at home!