Fraser Valley Animal Hospital

2633 Ware Street
Abbotsford, BC V2S 3E2


Cat Clinic      

Did you know our new cat clinic was given the GOLD level certification for Feline Friendly!

Why create a cats only clinic?  Well we at the Fraser Valley Animal Hospital noticed that the cat owners of Abbotsford and the surrounding Fraser Valley are not getting their needs met.  Cats being cats, (self sufficient, masters of hiding disease, and often easily stressed with change) well they have become our neglected pets.    In our new hospital we created a cat wing which is all about the cat's comfort  – no dogs allowed.  Now we are not prejudice against dogs we just know most dogs are much happier to meet a cat than vice versa.  So we created a safe place for cats to come and make sure they are healthy or come to get healthy if they get sick.  We will be following the guidelines of many feline experts including the American Association of Feline Practitioners, and Cat Healthy, as well as following the fear free guidelines of a master animal behaviourist Dr. Marty Becker.

You will see the difference…

  • Cat only entrance
  • Cat only receptionist and waiting area
  • Cat only exam rooms built specifically for cats
  • Cat only treatment area
  • Cat only boarding
  • Cat only hospital area

As well following the Fear Free guidelines our new hospital was built to include everything that can help decrease the stress for cats when they come to visit.

Your cat will see, smell and hear the difference…

  • Fear Free paint colours – yes did you know that white actually increases anxiety in cats?
  • Calming music
  • Sound barriers within the walls to keep any barking away from the cats
  • Air flow through the building so no dog odours flow into the cat side
  • Calming Feliway pheromones throughout the clinic
  • Pre visit recommendations to help you bring your cat in stress free
  • Fear Free cat handling to keep your cat stress free

Why did we put so much time into developing FVAH’s Cats Only? Well it is simple. We all work at FVAH because we want to help animals be healthy and pain free. We know that if we can provide a safe place for cats then we can help more cats. We do not want them to be scared or afraid because

1. Nobody likes to be afraid!


2. We can do a better job with our exams and thus a better job keeping your cat healthy and pain free if your cat is not scared. 


American Association of Feline Practitioners

Cat Healthy

Fear Free – check out Dr. Marty Becker for more information on the fear free movement for our pets