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Cat Nap Inn - Cat Boarding

In our new hospital our rooms are bigger and better than ever.  Our upstair penthouses (good for 1 cat) we’ve added Sky Walks, more shelves to perch, things to climb and additional hideaway boxes. Our larger theme, executive, deluxe and family rooms are located away from the hustle and bustle of the hospital.  In 2018 we are hoping to have the bird rooms complete so that many of our guests will have live birds to watch while staying with us. A play vacation for your cat while you’re away! While still maintaining a peaceful surrounding and calm environment to relax.

The Cat Nap Inn was born out of necessity as Dr. Horvat discovered that cat owners needed a place where, when they wanted to get away for a weekend or a month, they could take their cats, especially if they were older who needed medication.  It was about 20 years ago when Dr. Horvat examined a cat, who was flat out and non responsive. The cat had been at a kennel and when the boarding facility dropped the cat off Dr. Horvat was told, “We don’t know what is wrong.  We gave her her insulin everyday and this morning she is like this.”  The cat had not been eating as well as normal during the first days at the kennel, which is a common situation when a cat’s routine is changed.

The problem was that the kennel staff did not understand how to adapt the medication for this situation and therefore the cat received an overdose of insulin.   Happily after a couple days in the hospital and on iv dextrose, the cat was back to her normal self.  This was the catalyst for the creation of the Cat Nap Inn.  But Dr. Horvat knew cats do not like change in routine, and kennelling cats in the hospital, particularly the fragile ones, well with the busyness of the hospital, she knew this wouldn’t help the cats to settle.  So the Cat Nap Inn was designed to be away from the hospital’s hustle and bustle, she had a contractor build small housing rooms each with their own climbing posts and hiding boxes.  For the older cats, who really do not climb anymore, she had moderate size penthouses built with sleeping lofts.

The cats who come stay at the Fraser Valley Animal Hospital’s Cat Nap Inn are taken care of by our well trained kennel staff.  Each cat is checked on and medicated by our technician and any concerns are always brought to the attention of the doctor.  Each day appetite and daily litter box usage is monitored so we can keep track of any changes.  Weekly we weight the cats to ensure they are doing well.  But it is not all business in the Cat Nap Inn!  Each cat is given individual play time in the center court area and are given their own catnip mouse.  As well classical music is played throughout the boarding facility as studies have shown that classical music decreases stress in cats.

Cats do not like routine change and for this reason we ask each owner to bring their cat’s own food.  None of our boarding cats come into contact with each other but we do want to keep everyone safe and healthy.  For that reason we do ask that each cat is vaccinated and on flea control.  We can apply a dose of Advantage to your cat when he/she is dropped off for boarding if required.  As well we have had many owners request that their cat’s annual exam, blood pressure, senior blood work, examination, dental work etc. be done while staying with us so as to minimize the number of trips to the hospital.  As some cats who stay with us are young and healthy and require very little attention while others require medication 3 times a day and daily subcutaneous fluid we have a basic boarding fee based on the size of room you choose and a extra care surcharge for our fragile cats.  Call us 604.854.2313 to get more information or to set up a tour of our facility!


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